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What is Oras SMART


With Oras SMART, we’re introducing a new generation of sanitary fittings. Fittings that are smarter than ever before. Because advances in technology keep adding new levels of ingenuity to our lives – and we think it’s high time faucets followed suit. Touchless faucets fit for everyday life. Smart faucets designed with functionality in mind, providing you with better ways to add value to your projects – through water and cost savings, or by improving hygiene and safety standards. 


Save more water

Reduce water consumption by up to 50% with a smart faucet.

Spotlight on hygiene

Take hygiene to the next level with smart, touchless technology.

Monitoring & maintenance made easy 

Monitor water consumption, adjust settings and minimise maintenance on Oras App.

Discover the Oras SMART collection


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Oras Electra

Introducing our most popular and versatile touchless faucet family. Oras Electra reduces water consumption by half, while taking hygiene and comfort to new heights.

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Oras Inspera

The Oras Inspera family seamlessly combines elegance and functionality, offering a complete collection of modern bathroom and kitchen faucets fit for everyday life.

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Oras Optima

The Oras Optima family offers state-of-the-art features in a stylish package. Featuring a touchless function, flexible spout, integrated dishwasher valve and more, it’s the ultimate hybrid.

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Oras Esteta

Oras Esteta - where sleek and elegant design meets practicality. Our innovative Wellfit shower system offers three regenerative programmes to promote a healthy, happy body.

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Oras Medipro

An advanced faucet family designed to increase ease-of-use and reduce bacterial spread in hospitals and clinical environments.

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Three tips for choosing the right faucet


Better hygiene means fewer sick days

From schools to offices spaces, limit the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of contamination by switching to smart, touchless faucets.


Think sustainable and smart savings will follow

Smart faucets cut water consumption by up to 50%. Preserving water is not only good for the environment, but also offers smart savings for building owners for years to come.


Combining ergonomics and style

Great, top-quality functions deserve great, top-quality design. We’ve combined both – for smart, ergonomic fittings that look good while optimising safety for all end users, no matter their needs.

We're here to help you make the smart choice

Get contacted by one of our local planning experts to find out how you can make smart project decisions with fittings that are truly fit for life.

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Cases and articles

Explore the latest stories and insights from the Oras world

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Why choose smart faucets for your next building project?

Automatic and touchless faucets are becoming increasingly prevalent in public places. Find out what’s behind the movement to smart faucets and why your project customers may want to switch.

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SMART ways to reduce the risk of legionella

Summer always presents a heightened risk of legionella. What are some easy solutions that public buildings can use to prevent their growth and spread?

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How SMART faucets promote hygiene in health and care facilities

Now more than ever, hospitals and elder care homes have safety at the top of their agenda. Planners and installers can help by offering SMART sanitary solutions that prevent contamination and fight legionella.

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